Explorer a program for entrepreneurs

CEEI Burgos partner continues working on the improvement of entrepreneurship skills. During 3 months and in collaboration with the University of Burgos, they were part of the international program “Explorer Jóvenes con ideas” (youngers with an entrepreneurial idea) promoted by Banco Santander.

Along 12 weeks, youngers between 18 and 30 years old with a total of 20 project ideas participated in that program “Explorer Burgos” in their 10th edition. The program idea was to improve their entrepreneurship skills such as creativity, negotiation, how to introduced an idea, taking risks and solve problems, etc. Besides, the program included some fields to create their own business plan.

Although some of the projects were only ideas of entrepreneurs or even some of them are in experimental phases, they included really innovative ideas.

Last week, the winner project from Explorer Burgos was known. In this case

The business project “F.R. I.C.S. Firmes Reciclados In situ con Cemento” (Road surface Recycled) was the winner of the Explorer program in Burgos in 2021.

A project that could be taken to rural areas since, as explained by Nadia Aponte, Civil Engineer. Is a project dedicated to the rehabilitation maintenance of roads using recycled materials. The research on which the company is based seeks to improve the efficiency of the on-site recycling technique with cement.

The second finalist, another business idea for rural areas was GRANJAS 4.0. An engineering aimed at improving the efficiency and profitability of intensive breeding farms by applying ‘Machine Learning’ algorithms (Artificial Intelligence) to the data obtained in the farms.

Finally, as third finalist the project ECOTEN. ECOTEN is a firm of “ethical fashion” or “slow fashion” built from the principles of circularity, sustainability and social responsibility.

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