UPENSKILLS aims to identify essential soft skills for entrepreneurship in order to develop a set of training materials for entrepreneurship courses and programmes.

These will help in cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset amongst young people. The project thereby addresses the educational needs of young people, during their progression from high school students to young entrepreneurs.


  • Promoting entrepreneurship education in EU
  • Fostering recognition of entrepreneurship education 
  • Making entrepreneurship education a basic feature in education systems
  • Sharing ideas, knowledge, experience, and best practices among countries
  • Developing innovative instruments for the development of entrepreneurial competences 


  • identify and define the necessary key competences and skills for potential entrepreneurs
  • identify similarities and differences in approaches to entrepreneurship in the participating countries/regions
  • create portraits of successful entrepreneurs and their strengths
  • produce a flexible and adaptable set of methods for entrepreneurship trainers
  • produce a portfolio containing best practice cases in entrepreneurship training
  • carry out pilot testing of new toolkit
  • conduct international training courses
  • organise events and disseminate results

Why does the initiative of the project appear? 

This research study elaborated by all the project partners shows a business environment analysis in European countries. Weaknesses and traits, strengths and essential capabilities were evaluated to create a comparative analysis of the demanded skills in European countries. Also, there are some best cases of entrepreneurship non-formal education carried by the partners.  

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.