Effective coaching

Nowadays, everyone relates business environment with coaching, mentoring or someone to guide in the process of taking decisions.
According to the project values, a coach can help to improve skills with models, techniques and tools.
Today, thanks to the opinion essay of the project partner Juan Carlos Martínez Barrio from CEEI Burgos, the book recommended is “EFFECTIVE COACHING” written by Myles Downey

Effective coaching

The book analyses the practice of coaching and it is structured through eleven chapters, being the first ones devoted to the case for coaching, definitions and management styles.  After that, key skills and techniques are described, to end with scenarios of implementation or team coaching and descriptions and suggestions related to how to develop as a coach.

Along its 135 pages, the book presents several exercises and cases to analyze and to be implemented all along the different stages of coaching.

Key tools and methods such the “Spectrum of Coaching skills” or the GROW model are explained and described. Valuable definitions, insights and comments are included as well. The following ones could form a practical package:

– “Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another”

– “When people do not know what the reality is, they make it up”

– “You cannot change anyone else’s behavior; only they can”

– “Coaching fails when something is left unsaid”

Basic idea of the book

Coaching is not teaching

Ptential – interference = Performance

Conclusion and recommendation

The first example presented in the book, the “Learning to catch” one, is a must to be read, since it clearly explains the meaning of coaching in a very simple and pedagogical way.

A very direct recommendation from the author himself: “Practice, practice and practice”.

by Juan Carlos Martínez