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Skills are an essential driver of economic and social progress. However, they are not static. For young people to thrive in the world of tomorrow is necessary to constantly upgrade their competences to adapt to ever-changing situations. Soft skills are essential for young entrepreneurs as they can be developed even without hard skills expertise. Soft skills specifically provide opportunities to influence, develop, and maintain business and are needed in every phase of building and running a company.

Project partners have decided to take a look at what are the most required skills for entrepreneurs and define essential entrepreneurial competences in accordance with needs and requirements of the market and feedback of entrepreneurs.

This report is part of the “Upgrading entrepreneurship skills” project, and it is focused on data from seven European countries: Latvia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Poland and Norway.

The study provides a look at the entrepreneurship environment in seven countries and skills demand overview of the survey results and analysis of respondents’ answers, compilation of best cases of non-formal education for entrepreneurship in chosen European countries and conclusions.

In the framework of this research study, each involved partner institution has conducted primary data collection (whether survey, focus groups or interviews) in their country to find out the opinion of young people and/or entrepreneurs what skills are in demand to become entrepreneurs. The results identify which traits lead to success to create a portrait of a successful entrepreneur in each country. Among the competences required to build a successful entrepreneurship career are such personal soft skills as idea generation and creativity, flexibility and autonomy, observation, integrity, persistence, critical thinking, communication and leadership skills, as well as budget control, goal-setting, risk management and delegation skills.

In this study, young people and youth workers can find very useful information about not only the skills’ demand in a certain country but also the international skill set trends and what skills one should develop to become a successful entrepreneur.

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