Training week in Rzeszów, Poland

From 26th to 28th of October, the project partners have travelled to INPRO facilities in Rzeszów, Poland, to carry out a training course in entrepreneurship where the tools created for the project have been discussed. To do this, they have worked with the dynamics in groups; opinions have been exchanged and modifications done. All in order to create useful tools for future entrepreneurs.

Some of the skills that have been worked on were leadership through a dynamic where the participants had to trust on the leader, creativity and idea generation, the importance of planning and how to establish objectives or how to face the risks that a business idea or project may entail.

Remember that the UpenSkills project is from European Erasmus + program that aims to develop a set of training materials for entrepreneurship courses and programs on a list of essential skills for entrepreneurship that have been previously identified.

Soon you will find these tools on the website.