Participation in Routelab

The University of Patras (Upensills project partner) co-organized and participated in the #Routelab event entitled “Innovation … everywhere!”, which was held in Patras on the 30th and 31st of October 2020.

The aim of this workshop is to become a brainstorming tool for innovation, a place of mentoring and networking for participants, an event that will facilitate the process of interaction for research and development between citizens, professionals and organizations in the area of Western Greece.

In the session of #Routelab that was entitled “The University as a growth incubator”, Professor Kostas Tsekouras, the scientific coordinator of the Upatras team in UPENSKILLS, explained that synergies, which facilitate the innovation efficiency and effectiveness, are of high priority for Upatras.

In this vein, the University undertake actions that integrate and develop further the internal coherence of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. Although such activities are supported by external agents, the real challenge is a University-based strategy that will ensure their sustainability.

Innovation and entrepreneurship should be considered under the lens of creativity, and as such carriers of wellbeing.